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8. 澳门皇冠金沙网站官方网站山东发展研究院基础研究基金项目(2019jcyj001):《耐用品消费与两个消费难题》(2019-2020),5万,主持,在研。

SDU Shandong School of Development Research Fund for Basic Theory, 2019-20. Project(2019jcyj001):Durable consumption and two consumption puzzles, amount awarded: RMB 50,000.


Young Scholars Program of Shandong University, 2018-2023. Project (2018WLJH09):“Endogenous Economics Growth and Structural Change: Theory and Empirics”, amount awarded: RMB 200,000.


SDU Shandong School of Development Research Fund for Basic Theory, 2018-19. Project(2018jcyj001):Fiscal policy and structural transformation of the Chinese economy: theory and empirics, amount awarded: RMB 50,000.


Humanity and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, 2016-2018. Project (16YJC790095):The Research on the Stylized Facts, Reasons and Welfare Costs on ‘Structural’ Business Cycle of the Chinese Economy, amount awarded: RMB 80,000.


SDU Shandong School of Development Research Fund for Basic Theory, 2015-16. Project(2015JC002):Uncertainty, the Spirit of Capitalism and Asset Pricing, amount awarded: RMB 50,000.

3. 澳门皇冠金沙网站官方网站自主创新基金项目,《泰勒规则的风险及其防范》,9万,主持,结项。

The Fundamental Research Fund of Shandong University, 2014-2017. Project (2015TB006):The Perils and Their Preventions of Taylor Rules, amount awarded: RMB 90,000.

2. 中国博士后科学基金特别资助项目,《理性疏忽和稳健控制在宏观经济学中的应用》,15万,主持,结项。

Special Financial Grants from the China Post-doctoral Science Foundation, 2013-14. Project (2013T60249):Applications of Rational Inattention and Robust Control to Macroeconomics, amount awarded: RMB 150,000.

1. 中国博士后科学基金面上资助项目,《重商主义、产业结构升级与经济发展之理论研究》,5万,主持,结项。

The Second-class General Financial Grant from the China Post-doctoral Science Foundation, 2012-14. Project (2012M510734):Theoretical Research on Mercantilism, Upgrading of the Industrial Structure and Economic Development, amount awarded: RMB 50,000.





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