Slightly overwhelmed today when I went to the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham (UK). The mass of people and number of exhibitors was surprising for me (I'm not let out much). Lots of technology and bright sparkly cameras and gadgets. Thankfully it was a few days before pay day and the threepence ha'penny in my hole ridden pocket wasn't going to get me my new digital "shootin-iron" and another unwanted debt.

It was nice to find a sanctuary from the seething aisles and corralling exhibits at the "30 Under 30 Winner's Gallery" where there was a semblance of not necessarily quiet, but calm.

The highlight of the day for me was attending the Associate RPS assessments for Travel. Members hoping to gain their ARPS distinctions submitted a panel of selected printed images which were scrutinised by a group of assessors. The assessors then gave recommendation (but NOT award) that the member is put forward for their Associate distinction.
Watching the process and decision making of the assessors gave me confidence that any critique would be a fair reflection on the submissions made.
Oh well, one day I'll get the courage to go for the Licentiateship ... ...more



The image was taken during a performance in the Glyptothek in Königsplatz. The sounds emanating from an instrument called a "gubal" by the musician (Asha Tülin Calik) around the various chambers captivated the audiences. Two dancers (Beate Kucza and Smaragda Souiti) provided visual stimulus to the performance.
Each year on the third Saturday night in October, between the hours of 7 pm and 2 am, Munich opens the doors of its museums and galleries to the public. This is a wonderful experience which although it is impossible to pack all the amazing sites in, is well worth the 15 Euros which included travel by public transport. ...more

Shadows and light


One of my pleasures when visiting Munich is to visit the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof). The personalities and cultures that pause and pass through this station (like any other international rail terminus) make it a fruitful environment for taking the candid images of humanity.

The light conditions, especially during the autumn and winter months, are challenging but rewarding. Low sunlight floods through the skylights and the south entrance. The “old sepia” lighting also provides wonderful spots of ambience during the darker days and nights. The images are captured handheld as I believe that using a tripod is forbidden, as it is around a number of sites in Munich .... I'm also inherently lazy when it comes to using a tripod.

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